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The Vendors Project

Week 8 of The Vendor Project.  THANK YOU for your continued support:)  You are making this work.   I had no idea that we would still be doing this, but safety first.  We are now offering Blue Shoe Honey, Buzz Honey Products and more veg than you can shake a stick at.  It's like you wake up and there's a small farmers market at your door.

As items come in I list everything right here.

For this to work

  1.  The option to order will be taken down at 12:00 pm every Thursday. This gives the bakers time to prepare.
  2. We request a minimum of $45.00
  3.  If you order something that needs to be kept cool, please leave a cooler by the door.

- My site is NOT setup for local delivery so my work around is for you to choose Local Pickup and I will drop it off throughout the day on Friday. We have more reach and more drivers. 

- To keep this train on the rails, I request that if you want your coffee ground just put it in the notes as well as any special request.  

 Joanne & Marc Just (Produce) Strawberries

 Yummy Cookies.

The Great British Pasty Pie Co.

DiversiTea (Tea)

Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères

La Bergerie des sables