About us

Meet Paul Foster aka Poppa Bean.

The Poppa Bean Coffee Roastery is the brainchild of Paul Foster (with the help of his always supportive wife Sarah).  After Paul graduated from the University of Ottawa, his first office job brought him into direct contact with copious amounts of coffee and co-workers who enjoyed similar consumption habits. Paul soon started a coffee club, supplying his own coffee and roasting it in a hot-air popcorn popper, which gave him both the beginning and name of Poppa Bean.

Paul’s parents' garage became his roasting workshop, using 5 poppers to meet the growing demand. Paul soon invested in a shiny red 5-pound roaster. The arrival of this roaster allowed Paul to dramatically increase his production and provide enough coffee to sell at the local farmers’ market. As business grew, Paul added a 30-pound coffee roaster to meet the demand. This big boy made big smoke. After one visit from the fire department, Paul saved his pennies and moved both family and business to 6 acres in Vars.

Thanks to his loyal customers, Paul continues pursuing his passion.  Unlike many businesses Poppa-Bean has seen massive growth during the pandemic.  We have alway had a few coffee's that stood out, they normally sat in the top 10 best selling coffees at Foodland, Whole Foods and Independent.  Fewer trips to coffee shops has solidified our position as a top seller in everyone of our stores.  It truly is amazing, thank you.  

You can reach him directly at paul@poppabean.ca