Our story

I am a local coffee roastery in Ottawa (Vars) Ontario. We specialize in small batch roasting of only the finest fair trade beans we can find! We try and visit the plantations we buy from to ensure the best quality bean possible.

We love coffee! Paul Foster started roasting coffee on a popcorn popper in 2006 as a hobby. As it happens one popper becomes five poppers, and five poppers turn into a five-pound roaster! We now roast on a 30lb drum roaster and are putting out roughly 5-10,000 pounds of coffee a year.

We have just launched our new online store, but with limited stock. As we work out the kinks we will continue to add more items for your consideration.

I realise this website has been neglected in a big way.  As you can imaging a lot has changed.  In the three years since the start of this Shopify store there has bean a lot of progress.  Updates are really challenging for a number of reasons, 1st I am very Dyslexic.  Anything in writing is a mission and to be frank its painful.  The best way I can describe it it's like using your thumb to cap the end of the garden hose without ever being able to take it off or turn down the pressure.  I could smash this keyboard, it is that frustrating.

2nd We have grown at a breathless pace.  Last year I roasted over 30 000 lbs, we now have shelf space at three Foodlands,  

3rd I have two boyz, and an amazing wife Sarah.  Sarah loves her job, the boyz, and certainly me (because I am awesome) but there is no love lost for bagging coffee or updating my site:)

Here is what I have been up to:  I towed the line at the bank until I couldn't handle delivering coffee before work, roasting and bagging it after work and taking care of two boyz on 0 sleep.  Naturally I milked everything as long as possible.  I somehow got my last bonus and raise (made sure the cheque didn't bounce). Used up my last week of vacation to fly to Honduras with my coffee farmer friend Ramon to buy coffee.  Came back to the bank where I was completely useless for the next couple months.  With Sarah's approval I gave my two weeks notice to the bank and started my next life as a full time coffee roaster.

After a bunch of interviews I got into Whole Foods Market at Lansdowne.  I was elated to have the bottom shelf, but as our popularity grew we started to move up. Last time I checked I have 4 coffee origins listed in the stores top ten best selling coffee's over all.  

With the opening of the new Russell Foodland I was able to get an excellent corner shelf to fill the needs of our home grown fans.

While talking up a storm with the manager I was introduced to the owner of the Winchester Foodland, Dan Pettigrew.  Based on a handshake agreement I dropped off 100 lbs of coffee and 150 lbs of coffee roaster (the very same you see up top) for a excellent display. 

We started a partnership with United Way Ottawa and Export Development of Canada (EDC) to helped raise money for local community groups.  As of this post we have raised over $12 000. 


In April of 2019 I was approached by the owner of the Greely Foodlands, Scott MacKinnon to participate in the grand opening of his new store.

Most recently we have been working with the University of Ottawa's Swim Team to help show support and hopefully raise some cash for starving student Athletes.

As of October 2019 I was given shelf space at the Rockland Independent Grocer after bumping into Karl Parent (the owner) at a UofO peprally.

In the haze we took on St. Martha's Brasserie in Orleans, Herb and Spice on Wellington, Cedards Grocery down on Bank Street. 

Ahhhh who else,  Opinicon Resort has been an excellent partner....  Black Walnut Bakery in Cumberland has a cult following....  Like I said its been BANANAS!

For now that what I could squeeze into this neglected site.  Going to get my boyz from school:)